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PET: Orphaned Records

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This report shows a list of all the deleted Section/Rotations in the current Course and Campus that have been deleted or hidden and that also have PET and/or Duty Hour records.

Path: Courses > [Course Screen] > Course Template Level > PET > Orphaned Records

You can click on the Course name of the deleted/hidden Sections/Rotations to move their records to another active Section/Rotation in the current Course Template.

NOTE: This report does not show Student records that have been orphaned because the Student is no longer enrolled in the Section/Rotation to which the PET record is linked.

Use the auto-update to fix these records. Auto-update will take all orphaned records, due to deleted Section/Rotation or non-enrollment, and link the records to the Section/Rotations in which the Student is currently enrolled. If the Student is not currently enrolled in any Section/Rotation then their record will remained orphaned.

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