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Assessment: Create Bulk Evaluations

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At The Cours Template level, you can assign evaluations for multiple sections of the course in the current Academic Year all at once. The following types of evaluations can be assigned in bulk from the Course Template.

  • Clinical Faculty of Students
  • Students of Clinical Faculty
  • Students of Course
  • Faculty of Course
  • Self Evaluation

Create Bulk Evaluations

Path: Course Template > Assessments > Create Bulk Evaluations

To create evaluations for multiple course sections (rotations) in bulk. Take the following steps to assign an evaluation:

  1. Select the type of evaluation you would like to create (e.g. Student of Course, Clinical Faculty of Student, etc.)
  2. Select the evaluation form that will be used for each evaluation link that will be created.
  3. Enter a Title (optional) that can be used to specify more detail about this specific use fo the evaluation form.
  4. Determine when the evaluation will be available. You can select the number of days before or after the beginning or end of each course section. Leo will use the dates of each course section to assign the evaluations accordingly.
  5. Select the Course Sections to which you want to assign this evaluation.
  6. Select which group(s) in each course section will be assigned the evaluation. When applicable, the main student group (or main faculty group) for each section is assigned by default. You can adjust this option to use small groups instead if desired.
  7. Save and create the evaluation links. A separate link will be created for each section. These can all be managed on the Manage Evaluations screen, also found in the Course Template.
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