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Course Template: Materials

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This is where you manage materials at the Course Template Level. This is generally limited to Course Directors and/or Course Coordinators.

Faculty will be able to manage materials within their Events. Refer to the article, Manage Event Materials

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Course Template > Materials > Manage

Course Template Materials Menu

  • Edit: Edit a file's settings, add passwords and availability dates, etc. (see Edit Content Settings)
  • Title: Upload a new version of the file and change the Title of the file.
  • Category: List of Categories to help organize materials for Users.
  • Seq: The order in which the Categories will appear in the Users Material Pane.
  • F/O: Materials can be tagged F/O - Faculty Only
  • File: Clicking the icon will download the item.
  • History: This will show a report of when and who downloaded the document.
Edit Content Settings
Title (File Upload New Version)

This screen allows you to upload a new version of the previously uploaded article.

The Title will be what Students see in the Materials Pane.


Categories help organize Course Materials in topics so that Students can easily find Course, Section or Event materials.


This sequence number represents the order in which this Category will appear in the list.

Manage Course Template Materials

(1) Add New Content
  1. Click Continue if you only have one file to upload.
  2. Select Click here to Upload another student document.
(3) Deleted Course Template Materials

This report shows all of the deleted material for the current Course Template

To un-delete a record, click on the Edit Settings icon (gear) and change the deleted status to No

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