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Assessment: Custom Settings (Gradebook)

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This feature is used to create custom Gradebook settings for your Course for the current year. These settings will apply to all Sections/Rotations of the Course in the current year.

Path: Home > Courses >[Course Screen] > Course Template Level > Assessment > Custom Settings

Video Overview of Custom Settings

The fields available for customization are:

  • Relative Value Calculation- This defines how the final grade is calculated. If you using a Grade Matrix, this is the value that is sent to the Grade Matrix. The choices are:
    • Percentage and Raw Points
  • Cell Grade Matrix: Set to YES to display Grade Matrix results instead of points in the cells for assignments,
  • Final Grade - Set to YES, to allow the final grade to be displayed.
  • Hide Final Grade from Students:  
  • Use Grade Matrix: YES use Grade Matrix to translate scores into grades
  • Grade Matrix: Select from the choices:     Note: Blank = System default
    • SOM Grading Matrix
    • Honors, Pass, Fail Matrix
  • Category Scores - YES = Display Category scores
  • Critical Path: YES = Critical path flag, If the Category is failed the the Course is failed.
  • Show ID - Controls the display of a student ID in the Gradebook
  • Min Passing Score - Defines the minimum passing score for the course. If you are using a grade matrix, then this option has no effect. Blank = System Default

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