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Assessment: Custom Settings (Gradebook)

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This feature is used to create custom Gradebook settings for your Course for the current year. These settings will apply to all Sections/Rotations of the Course in the current year.

Path: Home > Courses >[Course Screen] > Course Template Level > Assessment > Gradebook > Custom Settings

Custom Gradebook Settings

The fields available for customization are:

  • Include in MSPE - If enabled, final student scores and approved evaluation questions which are flagged for the MSPE will show in each student's MSPE export. Setting this field to Yes will also require the use of a grade matrix. See below.
  • Grading Description - This is included in the MSPE document and should not be left blank if the course is included in the MSPE.
  • Relative Value Calculation- This defines how the final grade is calculated. If you are using a Grade Matrix, this is the value that is sent to the Grade Matrix. The choices are:
    • Percentage and Raw Points
  • Final Grade - Set to Yes, to allow the final grade to be displayed.
  • Hide Final Grade from Students - Use this option to prevent students from seeing their final grade in the course.
  • Hide Total Possible Points from Students - Hide total points possible for categories and assignments from students.
  • Use Grade Matrix: Select Yes to use a Grade Matrix to translate scores into grades. If Include in MSPE is set to Yes, then a Grade Matrix is required.
  • Grade Matrix - Select from the available choices in your system. If left blank, the system default will be used.
  • Cell Grade Matrix: Set to Yes to display Grade Matrix results instead of points in the cells for assignments.
  • Category Scores - Set to Yes to display Category scores in the course grade book.
  • Category Critical Score - If set to Yes, you can define a score that will result in a student failing a category. 
  • Critical Path - If set to Yes, you can flag grade book categories as critical. If a critical category is failed by a student, they will fail the course.
  • Show Net ID - Determines whether the student's Net ID, or a chosen alternate ID type appears in the grade book.
  • Alternate ID Type - Use these options to select an alternate ID to be displayed in the grade book.
  • Min Passing Score - Defines the minimum passing score for the course. Scores below this value will be shown in red.
  • Save Record - Be sure to save these settings before leaving this screen.
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