Lottery/Signup Overview

This report shows a list of Lotteries for a given status.

You can edit or review each Lottery/Signup in the list of Lotteries for a given status.

The statuses are:

  1. Add Lottery/Add New: option is used to create a new Lottery or Signup.
  2. Open/Open Lotteries: This is every Lottery that is not closed, deleted, or in preview mode.
  3. Preview/Preview Lotteries: These Lotteries have been run, but the  results have not been used to update the element(s) (Sections, Events,  Long Event, or Groups) in the Lottery.
  4. Closed/Finalized: These Lotteries have been run and the Students placed in the elements they were awarded.
  5. Deleted/Deleted Lotteries: These Lotteries have been deleted. You can un-delete these Lotteries if you want.
  6. Edit: Edit a Lottery/Signup

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Management > Lotteries/Signups

A Lottery or Signup allows Student to sign up for:

  • Courses: This option will let the Students sign up for a Course. This option does not have any logic for prerequisite.
  • Events: If there is just one Event to be signed up  for (ex: A Simulation Center exercise) then use this option. Note that Long Events are included within Events.
  • Groups: Use this option if Students are signing up for a set of Events to be taken by a group in lock step.
  • Long Events (Long Event): As with standard Events,  if Students are signing up for just one Long Event, then use this option. If signing up for multiple Long Events then you should use the Group option.