Faculty: Adding Documents/Materials: Event

This article explains the steps for uploading single or multiple files at the Event Level.

Path: Home > [Course Screen] > Events > Manage Events > [Event Title] > Materials > Manage Uploads

TIP: You can also just click the Event from the calendar.

Adding a single file

Click Add File to add a single file.

File Upload

  1. Select a File: Browse and selected the file to be uploaded.
  2. Title: This will be displayed to Students in their Materials list and will not change the name of the file.
  3. Save File

Best Practices Tip: Since materials/documents are included in search results, it is a good idea to preface the title of the document with a course-identifying abbreviation (ex. GYNO-100 Student Manual). When search results are read, a user can immediately know what course the document is from.

Upload Status

Your upload was successful

  • Choose Upload Another File
  • Or Close to exist the screen

NOTE: For other document options such as assigning file categories, Faculty Only viewing, Supplementary tab placement, etc. continue to Managing Materials at the Course Level.

Step 3B: Upload more files or continue back to the 'Materials Management' screen

Multiple File Upload

Click Multi File Upload to add multiple files to the Event Documents and Materials screen.

NOTE: All options are optional.

  • Author: Begin typing the author's name or double click the text box to receive a drop-down menu of names to choose from.
  • Shared Document: If this is a shared document then check the box
  • Password: If you set a password for these documents, students and faculty will be prompted to input this password when attempting to download any of these files.
  • Faculty Only: If this document is only for Faculty then check this box.
  • No Time Restrictions: This indicates there are no set limits for viewing these uploaded files
  • Date Range: The dates from when these documents will become available and will no longer be available for download.
  • Event Time +/-:  If this is a Event you will be able to determine how long prior to the Event or after the Event the documents are available for viewing.
  • Continue to File Upload 

Additional options:

  • Goals & Objectives: Click this link to assign Goals and Objectives to this multi-file upload.
  • Clear Date and Time: Clicking this link will clear any date/time associated with the documents.

Select Files

  • Browse: to select files from your computer or device
  • OR
  • Drag and drop the files from another folder into the box.
  • There is no limit to the number of file you can upload.

Click here to continue

Step 4C: Click to continue

Edit Materials Screen

  • Name (Edit): Click to edit or change the file name
  • Category: Select a category
  • Sequence: Select the order in which the file will be displayed
  • FO: Faculty Only files
  • View: This will download the file
  • Scores:
  • Del: Check the box to make the file as Deleted
  • Supp: Check to mark the document as Supplemental materials
  • Shared: If checked then this document will be shared with any other Events that are linked to this Event
  • Hist: View the History of this document and see which Students have not yet downloaded this document.
  • G&O: This number represents the number of Objectives that have been assigned to this document.
  • Authors: This is a count of the number of authors given credit for this content.
  • Groups: This number represents the number of Groups assigned to this content.