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Assessment: View Campus Gradebook


This Gradebook is a summary from all Courses happening at that particular campus for the year.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Campus Level > Assessment > View Gradebook

Campus Level Gradebook

The Gradebook is used to gather all of the scores for Exams, Quizzes, Assignments or other assessed activities related to a specific Course. There are many sources of data for this screen:

  • Leo Exams
  • Leo Assignments
  • Manually-entered assignments
  • Assignments from other systems (via score upload)

All of the entries in the Gradebook can be manually adjusted, and the entire Gradebook can be exported to a CSV file for use in other applications.

Download CSV

This feature save a CSV file for download. First choose your preferences.

Upload CSV

Using the exported Gradebook .CSV file, scores can be modified and updated in the Gradebook using the Upload CSV option.


This feature will take a Snapshot of all unlocked grades, Assignments and Categories in the Course Gradebook and will push grades to the Students’ Academic Portfolio and it will also make the data available for analysis

The Finalize option will take a final Snapshot of the Gradebook will send the data to the Registrar and lock the Gradebook. The data is then data available to the Institution for analysis and will also update the Academic Portfolio.

Best Practice:

  • Do NOT take a Snapshot of the Gradebook unless you are ready for your Students to view their grades in their Academic Portfolio.
  • Do NOT use the Snapshot feature if any grades, Assignments or Categories are still locked in the Gradebook

NOTE: This is not a feature that you can view on the screen, this was designed for schools with someone with SQL experience who can retrieve that data from the database and put it into a program like SPSS or SAS.

If you chose Finalize then:

  • A final snapshot will be created and it will flag the grades as final.
  • Grades marked as final can be modified and updated by selecting Finalize after making the update.
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