Admin Toolbar: Menu Management

As a System Administrator you have the ability to customize specific areas of Leo to help the Users maximize efficiency.  Each major heading in the Admin Toolbar has its own editable Menu Maintenance

  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Course Management
  • People
  • Assessment
  • Advanced

This report shows all of the options available in the selected menu. From this report you can perform the following tasks:

  • Edit an existing menu item
  • Create a new menu item
  • Change the order of menu items
  • Change the security levels and group access lists for a menu item
  • Delete a menu item
  • Copy menu items into another menu

Note that you can view and edit menu items with a security level at or below your security level.

Edit Menu: Mapping

  1. Name (Edit):
  2. New Menu Item:
  3. New Master Record:
  4. Deleted Menu Items:

(1) Name: Edit Menu Item

(2) New Menu Item

(3) Menu Master Record

(4) Deleted Menu Items