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Admin Toolbar: Header Menu Management

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As a System Administrator you have the ability to customize specific areas of Leo to help the Users maximize efficiency.  Each menu heading in the Admin Toolbar has its own editable Menu Maintenance:

  1. Curriculum Mapping
  2. Course Management
  3. People
  4. Assessment
  5. Advanced
Security Level and Users

NOTE: Users can view and edit items on the Admin Toolbar at or below their Security Level.

NOTE: Users will have access to different menu items in the Admin Toolbar based on their Security Level.

For example, if a User has a Security Level of 50, they will not be able to see menu screens above their setting of 50.  

Edit Menu Maintenance

The Edit Menu for all major headings on the Admin Toolbar is the same.

  1. Name (Edit):
  2. New Menu Item:
  3. New Master Record:
  4. Deleted Menu Items:

TIP: Refer to article Home Menu and Footer Menu Management for detailed instructions regarding Menu Item Maintenance

(1) Name: Edit Menu Item

(2) New Menu Item

Refer to the article that discusses Home Menu and Footer Menu Management: New Menu

(3) Menu Master Record

(4) Deleted Menu Items

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