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Setting up a New Server with Leo

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Setting up a new server is an important step for any institution. When Leo is coordinating the setup of new AWS cloud servers as the host server we generally follow the steps below. These can be modified as is most relevant for your institution.

  • Identify the key stakeholders at your institution and ensure they are included in the discussion. (Institution Team)
  • Schedule a consult call with the Leo Technical Team via a ticket from the Help Desk. The relevant technical people on your end will be required for this call as well. This enables us to address questions, discuss a timeline, and establish what needs to be done on a case-by-case basis. (Institution Team)
  • Provide the information below for your new server. (Institution Team)
    1. Official domain name (required)
    2. Internal nickname (optional).
  • Purchase Security Certificate. Once a domain name has been selected, the security certificate can be purchased. If you are using a davinci-ed.com sub-domain, we can get the certificate. If you decide to use your own domain, your institution must purchase the certificate and convey the information. If your institution has an existing wildcard certificate it can also be used. (Institution Team or Leo Team)
  • Set up the new servers. We will set up the new (AWS) servers. (Leo Team)
  • Open or adjust firewalls as needed to allow for the new server traffic. This may be something that requires preparation and conversation on the institution's side. (Institution Team)
  • Log in to test and ensure that the servers are running as expected.

To enable us to communicate effectively and meet the milestones identified with you during our initial Onboarding calls, we request that you provide the relevant information via the Leo Help Desk Ticketing System.

This also enables us to track progress and make any adjustments to the process or revise priorities as needed.  

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