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Setting up a Feed from your Student Information System (SIS) to Leo

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A Student Information System (SIS), often referred to as a Registrar System, stores data on Courses, Users and Registration. When you set up an integration with Leo, your institution will have the ability to have your SIS generate a data feed for sending updated information to Leo on a regular basis. Once the data feed is automated, you will still have the ability to manually overwrite it in various places in Leo.

To ensure that the SIS integration is successful, it is important to involve all stakeholders in the process, including your Implementation Team, IT and Registrar. In addition, this process will require knowledge of your SIS configuration options, data requirements, institutional business rules, and timeline.

Registrar Feed Set up Process

  • Provide configuration information for the SIS integration framework and information for Users, Courses, and Registration to create the integration to DaVinci. This will allow the DaVinci team to review the data. (Institution Team)
  • Provide the Institutions server's external IP information. This will allow the DaVinci team to create the SSH or SFTP connection to drop the files on the server. (InstitutionTeam)
  • Schedule and attend a call with the DaVinci Team to review the process and the next steps to establish the connection. (DaVinci and Institution Team)
  • The DaVinci Team will import the files into your Preview System to test the SIS Integration. (DaVinci Team)
  • Verify the data and alert the DaVinci Team if modifications are needed. (Institution Team)
  • Set up automated feeds in the Production system. Once the data has been verified and confirmed by your institution in the Preview system, then the DaVinci team will push the data to your Production System. (DaVinci Team)
  • Review and confirm that the SIS automated feeds have been established successfully. (Institution Team)

CSV Sample files

Below is a ZIP file containing the three .CSV files the Leo Team would need to have completed:  Registration Feed Sample, Course Roster Sample, and User Import Sample.

  • Click the link to start the download.
  • Your team will need to complete and return to the Leo Team in order to move forward with the SIS integration.
  • If you have any specific questions, please contact us via the Help Desk.


The first column (Course ID) will need to be unique per section of a course, with the section being defined as the unique combination of Subject, Catalog, Start Date, End Date, and Campus.

The subject and catalog fields will be combined in the system to create the Course Template so these fields will need to remain consistent for any sections that belong to the same course, for example, Fundamentals of Medicine might be subject MEDI and catalog 101, and all sections with those values will “group” together in the system under the Fundamentals of Medicine Course Template.