Legacy User's Manual to LCMS+

If you are new to LCMS+, or are a student, the articles in this manual will help you learn your way around!

Faculty and Staff Legacy Manual to LCMS+

The tutorials in this section are designed for faculty and staff-level users and are organized by module. Check out the chapters shown below for how-to’s and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

Legacy Curriculum Mapping

Comprehensive Curriculum Mapping is a cornerstone of LCMS+. Our system’s in-depth tracking of Goals, Objectives, and Core Competencies means you can align directly with your accreditation requirements to document what was taught, when and where it was taught, as well as how it was assessed.

Legacy Reports in LCMS+

LCMS+ can produce reports and data sets at the Course Level, Event Level, Institution Level and Program Level. In addition, Exception Reports allow you to quickly identify gaps and redundancies in your curriculum.

System Administrator's Legacy Manual to LCMS+

If you are a System Administrator or are a member of your institution’s IT department, refer to the articles below.