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Manage the Home Menu Items and System Footer Links

As a System Administrator you have the ability to customize specific areas of Leo to help the Users maximize efficiency. 

This article will explain how to add and modify links to Leo's Footer and the Home Menu, which will allow Users to easily navigate to another website (i.e. School email, Medical Dictionaries, Library etc.)

NOTE: A User can view and edit menu items with a Role security level of 91 or higher.

Home Screen Menu Editor

Path: Home > Administrators Toolbar/Admin Toolbar > Edit Menu Link

This report shows all of the options available in the Home menu. From this screen you can perform the following tasks:

  • Edit/Name an existing menu item
  • Create a new menu item
  • Change the sequence order of menu items
  • Change the security levels and group access lists for a menu item
  • Delete a menu item
  • Copy menu items into another menu
Edit Menu Maintenance (Name)

Required (*) Menu options

  • UI: New UI
  • Menu: Select option from dropdown menu
  • Menu Item Name: Edit name
  • Type: Select option from dropdown menu
  • Sequence: Edit sequence number
  • Link Menu ID: Select option from dropdown menu


New/Edit Menu Item for External Website

To create a link to an external website, see the following field descriptions below:

1. New Window: Indicates this item should not be loaded in the main page. Available options are:  

  • No: the default, we assume you don't want to open in a new window.
  • Small: opens a popup window
  • Medium: opens a popup window
  • Full: opens a popup window
  • Modal: in our 2018 Theme, modals can be used to load web links so that the user is not taken away from the main screen
  • Modal Fullscreen: in our 2018 Theme, fullscreen modals give you more screen space to load your target website.

2. Use Only Primary Link: option indicates that the creation of the menu link should bypass the standard process and just use the Primary Link value

3. Prime Link: If you are creating a link to an external site, this is where you paste in the web address. Be sure to include the http:// or https:// part!

4. Activation Flag: Enter an Account Manager code that must be set in order for this option to be made available.

Path: Home > System Footer > Left Footer Menu /Right Footer Menu

  • Leo's Footer has Left and Right menu options,