Peer Eval Text

From this screen you can review and edit or add New System Text, that is, the text instructions for Students to read prior to taking a Peer to Peer Evaluation.

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Peer Eval Text

Add New System Text

  1. Instructions: Add instructions that Students will read for Peer Eval (*)
  2. Eval Format: Select either the Likert Scale or Yes-No
  3. Save Record

Edit Text

WARNING: If you are entering default System-wide text instructions, be careful that you are not re-creating a format record that already exists.

If you try to create a record for a format that already exists you will receive an error message.

  • Instructions: Required (*) Use the WYSIWYG editor to edit the instructional text that the Students will read.
  • Eval Format: Default is Likert Scale or Yes-No
  • Save Record