Courses: Course Types

Each Course must have a Course Type associated with it.

Course Types determine whether the Course is clinical or not, and it determines if Patient Encounter Tracking (PET) will be available for the Course.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Courses > Course Types > Select Year

In the Course Type Maintenance screen you can:

  1. Courses with No Course Type: View a list of all Courses with no Course Type
  2. New Course Type: Click to create a New Course Type
  3. Deleted: Review a list of all deleted Course Types
  4. All Years: Click here to review all Course Types across all Years
  5. Select a Year: Click here to view a different year.
  6. Name Edit: Edit an existing Course Type
  7. Courses: Click to review the Course Templates linked to this Course Type


New Course Type

The only required field in this screen is the Name (*) field. We r.

  • Name (*): It is recommend you choose a unique name for your new Course Type
  • Description: Description of the Course Type
  • FCT Code: Select from dropdown
  • FCT Type: determines how FCT will process for this course
  • Destructive Rebuild: Only applies to Student Groups
  • Ignore Didactics in FCT: YES = Didatic Events not included in financial model.
  • Clinical: Yes/No toggle. Set to Yes if the Course in clinical
  • PET Flag: Yes/No toggle. Set to Yes if PET will be used. For more information refer to Course Types:  Enable & Verify  for PET

Save Record when completed.