Group Lottery/Signup

The Lottery/Signup for a Group works in the same manner as the Lottery/ Signup for a Course.

Path: Admin Toolbar >Course Management >  Lottery/Signups

Groups must exist before the Lottery/ Signup can be set up. To learn how to create Small Groups, see article on How to create Small Groups.

  • Follow the same Steps to create a Lottery/Signup for a Group as you would to create a Lottery/Signup for Course.
  • However, instead of Course, select Group in the drop down list.
Group Access for Lottery/Signup for a Group

The Groups selected here will define which Users can sign up for the Group options in this Lottery.

  • Groups with no active Users are not included in the selection list (left hand column).
  • Along with the name of the Group, the number of actives Users is also shown.

You can also add users individually by selecting the Add By Student option.

When you click Set Group Access to set what student Groups will be signing up for this Lottery, you will be presented with a list of student Groups and/or individual Students.

Click to select the Groups in the left column to move them to the right column.

DO NOT select the same Groups you selected for the Lottery groups. You must select a Group that contains the students that will need to access the Lottery.