Group Lottery Record

This report shows a list of Lotteries for a variety of statuses. You can edit or review each Lottery in the list.

The statuses are:

  • Open: This is every Lottery that is not closed, deleted, or in Preview Mode.
  • Preview: These Lotteries have been run, but the results have not been used to update the element(s) (Courses, Groups, Events, and Long Events) in the Lottery.
  • Finalized: These Lotteries have been run and the Students have been placed in the elements they were awarded.
  • Deleted: These Lotteries have been deleted. You can un-delete these if you want.

Groups must exist before the Lottery can be set up. To learn how to create Groups or Group Sequence Options, refer to Preparing for a Group Lottery.


Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Lottery/Signups > Add New

Add New

Creating a New Group Lottery Record. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required

  • Lottery Name: (*) Type in the name of the Lottery
  • Program: (*) Select from the drop down menu
  • Type: (*) Drop down menu choices: Select Lottery
  • Sign-up for: (*) Drop down menu choices: Select Group (this will include your Group Sequence options)
  • Course: Course is Hidden in a Group Lottery
  • Begin Date: (*) Enter date
  • End Date: (*) Enter date
  • Min Count
  • Max Count
  • Save Record


  • Close Lottery
  • Deleted: YES/NO toggle
  • TIP: Best practice recommendations: After filling out the required fields click the Save Record button, and then reopen the Group Lottery to add Elements and Group Access.

In this example, we will be using a Group Lottery record called Sample Group Lottery 2019

  • All required fields have been filled out.
  • The Min Count and Max Count fields are optional, but you can indicate the maximum number of items a User must select during a Lottery.
(1) Elements

This screen shows the Sequence Elements that have been added to this Group Lottery.

To add additional elements:

  • Click Add to search for any new Elements you wish to add to the list.
  • Linked to: (*) To search for elements, double click or begin typing.
  • Save Record
(2) Group Access
  • Available Groups: This list, on the left side, displays the names of the Groups and the number of active Users are shown in brackets. Groups without active Users are not included in the list
    • Click the Groups in the Available column to move them into the Selected column.
  • The Selected Groups, on the right side, will define which Groups of Users can sign up for the options in this Lottery.

Add Users individually by selecting the Add By Student/Add by Search option.