Long Event Lottery/Signup

The Lottery/Signup for an  Long Event works in the same manner as the Lottery/ Signup for a Course.

  • Follow the same Steps to create a Lottery/Signup for an Event as you would to create a Lottery/Signup for Course.
  • Select Long Event in the drop down list.

Path: Admin Toolbar >Course Management > Lotteries/Signups > Add New

Before Elements can be added to the Lottery/Signup for an Event, the Events themselves must be created. Click here to learn how to Add a Long Event.

Adding Long Events within specific Courses

If you are adding a Long Event within a specific Course, the Long Event must be created at Course level first.

  • Access to that Long Event (in the Lottery/Signup) will be limited to the Students who are enrolled in the Course itself.
  • Leo assumes that if you are linking the Long Event to a Course, the attendees must be part of the Course to attend the Long Event.

If you do not want to limit the attendance to Students from a particular Course, then do not link the Lottery Long Event to a Course.