Course Lottery Block Features

A Block is defined as a period of time with a start and end date. The Block feature allows you to organize a large group of choices into Blocks. 

  • As an example: If you had 3 Courses that each repeated 3 times using the same dates, a Lottery with 3 blocks could be created.

When the Block Flag is set to YES in a Lottery, it will allow Students to sign up for one Block which corresponds to a Course/Event within that defined date range. The start and end dates for the Courses within the same Block must be exactly the same.  

For example, if you have 3 Courses that each repeated 3 times using the same dates, a Lottery with 3 Blocks could be created.  The Lottery will allow Students to pick 1 rotation of each Course from the different Blocks, but not allow them to select concurrent sections. See illustration below.

The Block feature is only available for Course Lotteries.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Lotteries/Signups > [Select Lottery/Signup Name to edit or Add Lottery]

Before creating a Block Lottery, first ensure that the components of the Block (Courses/Events) are set up correctly. All Courses/Events that should be in the same Block must have the same start and end dates.  

Or Edit Lottery Record - Enable Block Flag
  • In the Edit Lottery menu, make sure the Block Flag is set to Yes.
  • When the Block Flag is set to Yes, Blocks will appear on the top left hand corner of the Edit Lottery menu.

Note: The Block tab will not be visible immediately on the top left, so after you finish entering the remaining information, click Save Record at the bottom. This will take you back to the list of all Lotteries. Click on the Lottery name again and you will come back to this screen. When you come back to this screen, you should see the Block tab on the top left.

Add by Select

From the Active Courses Screen:

  • Select Add by Select

This screen will let you select a group of courses based on the parameter you select from fields in this screen.

  1. The Academic and School year are required. All other fields are optional and cannot be accessed until you have select an academic and school year.
  2. If you select a specific Course Type then the school year will be automatically updated and hidden.
  3. Begin and End Dates
  4. When you click the Select Preview button a list of the courses will be displayed, at which time you choose to add the courses to your Lottery/Signup.

NOTE: The begin and end dates from the preceding screen prompted the selection of Courses within that date range.  

  1. Once the Criteria are defined, you can preview the criteria. If you need to change the criteria, click on Reselect.
  2. If you are satisfied with the criteria, click on Import Records.  

When you click on Import Records, you will see the notification below:

  • Click Import to proceed or Stop if you do not wish to proceed.


  1. This image shows the Count column after Students have signed up. After Students sign up, the Count and Active columns will change.    
  2. Click Settings to go back to the Lottery settings screen.
Create Blocks
  1. Click on Settings to go back to the edit Lottery record.
  2. Click Blocks to define the Blocks for this lottery.

Auto Create Blocks

Click on Auto Create Blocks.

Click on Auto Create to proceed.

Click on Stop to halt the process.

NOTE: It is helpful to have a clear naming convention when you set up the Blocks. This will make it easier for you to review the placements and troubleshoot any issues so we encourage you to have a clear and consistent naming convention.

Once the Blocks are created, the system will assign default names to your Blocks.  

  • Then click the name of the Block to be renamed.  
  • Type a new name in the Name field.
  • Click Save.

Modifying Sign Up Choices

Click on the Count number to see and/or modify the Users who have selected the element.

Once on the Sign Up report click on the Participants name which needs adjusting.

On the Lottery Choice pop up you have the following options:

  • Selected: If the
  • Rejected:
  • Ignore:
Set up Group Access

Once you have set up the Courses and Blocks, follow the steps listed here for Setting up Group Access.

Save Record

Click Save Record to save your Lottery settings.

Check Status

After Students start to sign up, you can click Status during the lottery to check the progress.

Close/Finalize a Lottery

The Lottery will automatically close on the End Date/Time that you have selected. To manually close and finalize the lottery, click Close to Preview Results.