Course Lottery Record

The Lottery Report displays a list of Lotteries for a given status. Those statuses are:

  • Open: This is every Lottery that is not closed, deleted, or in preview mode.
  • Preview: These Lotteries have been run, but the results have not been used to update the element(s) (Courses/Sections, Events,  Long Event, or Groups) in the Lottery.
  • Closed: These Lotteries have been run and the Students placed in the elements they were awarded.
  • Deleted: These Lotteries have been deleted. You can undelete these Lotteries if you want.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Lotteries/Signups

Add New Course Lottery

This screen is used to set up a new Lottery. In a Lottery, the Student rank orders the available items. If an item is over subscribed (too many people sign up) then Leo will randomly select from the Students that did sign up. Any Students not randomly selected will get their second choice.

  • Lottery Name: Create a name for your Course Lottery.
  • Program: Select the Program from the drop-down list.
  • Type: Select Lottery from the drop-down list.
  • Signup for:  Select Course from the drop-down list.
  • Block Flag: The block option is only available for Course Lotteries. If you flip this flag to YES, you will be able define a block of dates, (this could span 6 months and all the course would fall into one of three 2 month time periods) where the Students will be able to select one course for each date block. The Students would get a Course in each time block, based on their ranked choices within those time blocks.
  • Begin Date & Time: Select begin date.
  • End Date & Time: Select the end date.
  • Minimum & Maximum Count: This option is only available for Course Block Lotteries. It lets you select minimum and maximum number of elements the Student can be awarded.
  • Save Record: Save the Record and then reopen it to add Elements and Group Access


Reopen Lottery Record

When you reopen your saved Lottery, you will see more menu options at the top of the screen

(1) Add Elements

Elements are the Courses or Rotations that you have already put into Leo. Student will be able to choose from these Elements in the Lottery.

(1) Add Lottery Elements

NOTE:  Only the first 50 results are displayed. Begin typing to narrow your search.

This is where you can select a single Course to add to the Lottery.

NOTE: If you opt to add Courses this way, you will need to fill out this form for each Course you want to add.

  • Linked to: begin typing or double-click to get a drop-down list of items to select from.
  • Min Count: the minimum number of Students that can Signup (if left empty, this field will default to the Min Count set on the previous screen).
  • Max Count: the maximum number of Students that can Signup (if left empty, this field will default to the Max Count set on the previous screen).
  • History: this field will show you any important information about the history of the record. This field will remain empty until the record has been finalized.

Click Save Record to save and exit this screen.

(2) Add by Select

This screen will let you select a group of Courses based on the parameter you select from fields in this screen. The Academic and School year are required.

  • All other fields are optional and cannot be accessed until you have select an academic and school year.
  • If you select a specific Course Template then the school year will be automatically updated and hidden.
  • When you click the Select Preview button a list of the Courses will be displayed, at which time you choose to add the Courses to your Lottery/Signup.

NOTE: When you first see this screen, you will only see the Academic Year and Exclude Required fields. Once you have selected something for Academic Year, the options below it will appear. Only the Academic Year field is required.


  1. Import Records: Click if this is the list you want to include in the Lottery
  2. Reselect: Click if you need to further define the Courses. such as adding a date parameter.

(2) Add Blocks

The lottery block manager is where you can define blocks for your lottery.

A block has a beginning date and an ending date. Courses with dates that match the block date will be under that block.

In a Block Course Lottery, each student will get one course in each  block at the end of the lottery, assuming, of course, that they have  picked one or more courses within a block.

The easiest way to create the blocks is to use the Auto-Block option, which will create a block for each date pair in the report.

Otherwise, you can create blocks manually.

Auto Create Blocks

Click Back to Lottery Manager to add Group Access

(3) Group Access

Click Group Access 


Group Access Screen

  • Select from the Available Groups (left hand column) to move Students to the Selected Groups (right hand column).
  • Click the small square icon at the top-right corner of the screen to save your selection and exit the screen

NOTE: Do NOT skip this step - if you do not select which Groups are included in this Lottery, the Lottery will be sent to every User in your system.

Reset Min/Max

  • If you click the Reset Element Min/Max, you will be presented with a warning asking you if you are sure you want to reset the elements.
  • Click OK to continue.
  • Cancel to go back.

NOTE: This option will reset all the Min/Max elements to match the original Min/Max Count you originally set when creating this Lottery.

Save Record

You will return to the Lottery Manager.

  • Make sure you click Save Record before exiting this screen.
  • This will save the Lottery record and all the settings.