Preparing for a Group Lottery

The Group Lottery Tool allows Students to rank preferred Group selections that are available into which they can be enrolled.

We often see schools use this to allow Students to determine either a Clerkship sequence or a geographic region preference. Not all schools need to use this type of lottery, so it is up to each school to determine if they want to go this route.

Creating Sequence Options

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Groups > Group Management > Add New Group

Add New Sequence Options

In our example, we are creating a Sequence Option that includes Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Pediatrics. OB, Psychology and Neurology.  The Group name will be for the first Sequence Option: Internal Medicine 1 (IM-Surg-FM-Peds-OB-Psych-Neuro).

  • Group Name: Name your new group
  • Course: (Optional)
  • Description: Add a description in the text field that can provide additional information related to the group.
  • Security Level: Keep at 1 since this Group will not be enrolling Students into any Courses.
  • School Year: Select from drop down
  • Academic Year: Select from drop down
  • Active: Set flag to YES
  • Enrollment Group: Set flag to NO. There is no need to make this an enrollment group.  
  • Owner: *No Valid User* (This is the owner of the Group, normally this is reserved for Personal Groups)
  • Save Group
  • Deleted: Yes/No toggle. Change to YES to delete the Group
  • NOTE: There is no need to add Users to this Group since this is a Lottery sequence option, which will add the Users via their selection.

Repeat this until all your Sequence Options have been created. The other Sequence Options could be named something like:

  • Internal Medicine 2 (IM-Surg-FM-Peds-OB-Psych-Neuro)
  • Internal Medicine 3 (IM-Surg-FM-Peds-OB-Psych-Neuro) and etc.

Creating Multiple User Groups

You will need create Multiple User Groups that you will use to assign Students to the Lottery ahead of time

You will follow the same steps as in the Sequence Option but there are two differences:

  1. Enrollment: Set the flag to YES if you foresee using these Groups elsewhere in the Curriculum. If these Groups are only going to be used for the Lottery then set the flag to No.
  2. Affiliation: Select the Students that you want to associate with this Lottery.

For detailed information on creating User Groups, please refer to Group Management: Add New Group

Repeat this until you have created all of your User Groups for the Lottery. Your other Groups might be named something like:

  • 3rd Yr User Group B
  • 3rd Yr User Group C and etc