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Run, Preview and Finalize Group Lottery

Leo provides you with the capability to preview the results of your Lottery before you finalize them. This allows you to run your Lotteries with confidence, examine your results, and make sure you're happy with the outcome before the results are released to students.

Running the Lottery (Student Access)

The Lottery will automatically give Students/Groups access based on the Begin Date and Time when the Lottery was set up.

  1. Students can click on their Activity Bell
  2. Then access the Lottery by clicking the link
  3. Rank their choices

Status and Roster

While the Lottery is open, you can monitor the status from the Lottery Record.

  1. Click the Status link to see how many Elements the Students have currently selected.
  2. Click the Roster link to see a more detailed Status report that includes the Rank and the Selection

These choice have NOT been finalized yet.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Lotteries/Signups > [Open Lottery Report]

Preview the Lottery

Step 1. Close Lottery

Click on the Name of the Lottery you would like to Preview.

  • Click the Close Lottery button

Once you have clicked the Close Lottery button, you will receive a pop-up informing you that by closing the Lottery Leo will complete the following:

  1. Participants will be assigned to their top choices where there is room.
  2. Where there is not enough room, participants will be selected by the Lottery until the element is full.
  3. If this is a Block Lottery, then once a block item has been selected, related items in other blocks will be canceled.
  4. You will be able to Preview the results on the following screens prior to Finalizing.
  • If you are ready to close out the Lottery to the Students, please click Close in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Enter in the confirmation code provided on the screen to continue.

Leo will close the Lottery and you will receive a pop-up message indicating that the Report is now queued for Processing. This will allow you to continue to run other reports and access different modules in the System without having to wait for the report to load.

  • Click on the Return to Open Lotteries to check it's status to return to the Open Lottieres Report.

The Lottery/Signup Report will tell you when your lottery is processing.  Once you choose to close the Lottery, the process runs on a queue, so it will say "queued for processing" (and give you the option to cancel) - until it gets picked up by the process (runs every 2 minutes).

Note: When the Lottery status says Processing, you cannot click on it or interrupt it at this point.

Step 2. Preview the Lottery

Once the report has finished processing you can either wait for the report to refresh (every 2 minute), you can click Refresh at the top of the Lottery/Signup Report, or wait until you get a message in your Leo Inbox and an email letting you know the report is done processing.

The status will change to Preview on the Lottery/Signup Report screen which will allow you the ability to move onto previewing the results.


Once the Report has been Finalized, by the approval of the results in the Preview Mode, the Lottery will assign the Students to the Event, Long Event, Group, or Section that they have been awarded.  

Step 3. Finalize Lottery from the Preview Report

Once you have reviewed the selected Lottery results in the Preview Report, you have the option to Finalize the results. This will allow the Students to be assigned to the respected Element (Event, Group, Section) they have selected.

To Finalize the Lottery follow these steps:

  1. Click the Finalize Lottery link on the top of the screen.
  2. On the Finalize Lottery  pop-up click Yes to release the results.

The Lottery/Signup is now closed, which means that users have been enrolled/added to the element(s) they have been awarded by the Lottery/Signup.

The next screen will show you details about the closed Lottery/Signup, and let you verify that the students have been properly assigned.

NOTE: Once you finalize the Lottery, Students who have not participated will be left out. You will need to manually add those Students to the roster for the individual Course/Group/Event.

Preview Closed Lotteries Report

The Preview Closed Lottery Report shows a list of Lotteries which have been run, but the results have not been used to update the Element(s) (Sections, Events, Long Event, or Groups).


  • Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Lotteries/Signups >Preview

Each Lottery in the Preview Report will be displayed prior to Finalizing

  • Click on the Lottery that you want to view
Viewing an Individual Lottery Preview Report

The Lottery Preview Report lets you review the final outcome of the Lottery before the actual results are made live. At this point, the Lottery has determined the final outcome and recorded the final assignment(s) for each Student.

  • However, no Event, Long Event, Course, or Group has been finalized or updated.
    • The final update, which will assign the Students to the Event, Long Event, Group, or Course will not happen until you approve the results in the Preview.

You essentially have two options in the Preview Mode:

  1. Reject the results, in which case the Lottery is opened again
  2. Accept the results, in which case the students will be assigned to the Event, Long Event, Group, or Course designated by the lottery.

You can review the results of the Lottery by Element, by Student, or, for Block Course Lotteries, by block.

The Individual Lottery Preview allows you to do the following:

  • Review the standings of the Element in regards to the Students who will be assigned, the Students ranked selections, and review the Target (Section, Event, Group, etc.)
  • Reset the results, in which case the Lottery will open again
  • Accept the results and Finalize, in which case the Students will be assigned to the Event, Long Event, Group, or Section designated by the Lottery

Menu Selections:

This report can display the data in number of ways:

  1. All Records,by Element (default): Shows all selected elements, sorted by element, by student
  2. All Records, by User: Shows all selected elements, sort by student, by element
  3. All Student Selections: Click to view all Student Selections
  4. Reset to Open: Click to open the Lottery
  5. Close Lottery: This option will close the Lottery and place the Students in the elements that they have been awarded. There will be additional prompts before the Lottery is closed.
  6. Finalize Lottery: This option will finalize the Lottery and place the Students in the Element (Section, Event, etc.) that they have been awarded. There will be additional prompts before the Lottery is finalized.
  7. View All Preview Status Lotteries: Click here to review all Lotteries that are in Preview Mode
  8. View Rank Distribution: Click here to see a visualization of rank distribution. Only values currently visible in the report will be displayed.

Column Selections:

  • Element: Click the name of an Element to get a listing of all Students who were assigned that Element
  • Student: Click a student's name to view all the Elements awarded to the student
  • Rank: This is the rank assigned to this Section by the Student
  • Target: Click here to open the Target (Event, Long Event, Group, or Course)