Gradebook Type

By default, the Gradebooks for each Course are scored based on a system wide setting.

This option lets you specify a custom grading type for this particular Course.  This must be turned on in the Account Manager, please refer to Account Manager > Gradebook > Global Settings > Custom Grade Type

You must have an System Admin access to use this feature.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook Type

Set Custom Grading

  • Weighted Value - Each Assignment and Category is given a weighted value that is relative to the other items in the Gradebook
  • Percentage - Each Assignment and Category is assigned a percentage of the total score. If no percentage is assigned, each Assignment or Category will be assigned a percentage based on 100% divided by the number of records.
  • Raw Points - The Student's score is based on the total number of possible points divided by the Student's score. 
  1. You can select from 3 grading types: Weighted Value, Percentage, and Raw Points.
  2. Click Save Record.

Note that the critical path option does not work in Raw Points mode.