Materials: Virtual Microscopy

This report lets you manage the Virtual Microscopy files linked to a Learning Object such as an Event, Course, or Long Event.


The links will then appear as content in the info screen for the Course, Event, or Long Event. You can add, remove, and modify VM links.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Materials > Virtual Microscopy

Add New

This screen lets you link to VM content from an external VM system. These links are similar to content links, and they can shared and rolled over.

If this is a new record, you must first pick a folder from the folder list. This will have all folders for all of your active VM systems.

  1. Folder: This displays all folders in the active VM systems.
  2. Slide: Select a VM slide from that folder. As you hover over each slide in the list you will be presented with a thumbnail view of the slide.
  • Sequence: The order in which the images are displayed
  • F/O: Faculty Only
  • Shared: Images shared with other linked events
  • Deleted: Remove a slide from the Event's content.

Edit Record

The VM record can be edited, modified and deleted from this screen.

VM Manager

This report allows you to manage VM slides from multiple vendors within the current Course. VM Slides can be used as content in the Course, Event, and Long Event screens.

Since each VM vendor's system is unique Leo requires a special module for each vendor. If your vendor is not in the list of vendors then contact your Leo representative or send a request to

VM Slides on the Course/Event Screen

The VM Slides will appear at the Course or Event Level in the Materials Tab.