Long Event Screen Tabs

The purpose of the Long Event is represent Assignments that span more than one Event, and to show the progress of each User within the Long Event

Path: Calendar > Long Event

Alternate Path: Home > Courses > [Select Course] > Events > Long Events > Management > [Select Long Event]

TIP: To create a New Long Event, refer to the Long Events management article.


Displayed in the panel are the Assignments for the Students

Assignments Menu

Click on the down facing arrow to view the submenu:

  • Manage Assignments: Currently available to administrators only
  • User Status
  • Active Exams

Manage Assignments

The Long Event Assignment screen displays all of the Assignments (Documents and Exams) that have been created for this activity.

From this report administrators can review Student activity within each Assignment and can edit the Assignment Settings.

Create New Assignment

A Long Event assignment allows you to specify a beginning and ending date/time for a Student to upload a document that will satisfy a given requirement. Normally, this is an essay or document, but it can consist of any electronic document, such as a video, image, etc.

  • Name: Required (*)
  • Description: A description is optional but useful for Students
  • Email: Optional
  • Begin Date: Required (*)
  • End Date: Required (*)
  • Max Score: Optional
  • Save Record

NOTE: A Long Event must have an assignment before it will appear on the calendar. Each assignment must have a beginning and ending date/time.

This option will allow you to link an existing Exam  to the current Long Event. It will then be available to all Students in  the Long Event for the dates and times that you specify.


  • Exam: Select the actual Exam to be scheduled
  • Email: Optional email message to be sent as a reminder
  • Begin Date: Earliest day that the Exam is available to Students
  • Begin Time: Earliest time on the begin date that the Exam is available to Students
  • End Date: Last day that the Exam is available to Students
  • End Time: Last time on the last day that the Exam is available to Student. After this time any open Exam will be auto submitted.
  • Duration: Number of minutes that Students have to complete the Exam once they have started. Zero or 9999 = no limit
  • Number of Takes Allowed: Number of times a Student can take the Exam
  • Clear Answers on Retake: Setting this flag to yes will cause the system to clear previous Exam data when a Student re-takes the Exam
  • Reminder Days: Set how many days between each pre-completion reminder.
  • Save Record

User Status

This report is a summary of all Student activity in the Long Event. You can quickly see:

  • Which Students have not yet completed assignments
  • Which Students have not yet had their assignments reviewed

You click on a User's name to link to a detailed view of their assignments, where you can assign scores to their assignments and review their work.

Active Exams

This report will show you all of the active Exams for the next 10 days within the current Program.


The number in red indicates new documents. Documents in bold have not been downloaded

Materials Menu


This is the Long Event Content Management option.  This option is used to add links and electronic documents to a Long Event to be used as content.

For more detailed information on uploading content into Events, refer to the article Faculty: Upload Event Materials

Voice Annotated Presentations

VAP Manager Screen

Upload New VAP

Files must be uploaded as a VAP fileset in ZIP format.

All Course Content

This report, only available to Faculty and Staff, contains all of the course content from the:

  • Course Master Level
  • Course Campus Level
  • The Course Screen
  • All Events
  • All Long Events
  • All Announcements

The content is sorted by:

  • Source (Course, event, etc)
  • Date
  • Title

You can click on the source to go the source of the content, or you can download the document itself.


This will display all Long Event Messages and Announcements. Your Inbox will also receive this Long Event Announcement.

Messages Menu

For additional information, please refer to the Faculty: Event Messages Tab

All Participants

For more information on Event Messaging, refer to Faculty: Event Messages Tab

Or refer to Event: Messages Tab: Event Announcement Screen


At the Long Event level the Mapping Tab is organized by categories.

Mapping Menu

For additional information, please refer to the Faculty: Event Mapping Tab