Students: Viewing Match Day Results

This article will show you how you can access your Match Day Letter.

  • Students will be added to a Match Day Course and will participate in the Virtual Match Day Event with an associated Assignment from which to view their letters.
  • Students will have a Match Day Letter uploaded to their Assignment portal by an Administrator for the Course. 
Accessing the Match Day Event from Activity Bell

The Activity Bell notification will appear when the Event is accessible to Students.  There is no need to refresh your browser for this notification to appear.

  1. Students will receive an Activity Bell notification when the Virtual Match Day Event is available.  
  2. Click on the Event Name from the Activity Report.

Event Screen

Path: Event Screen > Materials Tab > Assignments > Add Assignments

  1. Assignments: Select Assignments from the Materials Tab drop-down Menu.
  2. Add Assignments: Click Add Assignments to access the Active Assignments screen.
Accessing the Match Day Event from the Leo Calendar

Path: Leo Calendar > Match Day Event

Use the same procedure above to access the Event Screen

Accessing the Match Day Course

Path: Home > Courses Search > [Find: Match Day] 

  1. Find: Start typing the keywords ‘Match Day’ in the Courses Search option.  
  2. Name: Click the link to open the Course Screen

Active Assignments Screen

Path: Course Screen > Assessment > My Assignment

  1. Content: Click on the icon to download the assignment
  2. Close: screen once the download is complete

Open the Downloaded File from your computer to view your results.

Note: The reference to the Match Day Course and Event could be named differently at your institution. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Leo Administrator for more information.