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Gradebook Categories


 A Category in the Gradebook is what determines how the final grade for the Course can be calculated. Each Category can be assigned a percentage of the total grade. When these Categories are added up, they will total 100%.

For example, the default Category is Exams.

  • Unless you create additional Categories, the percentage value of the Exam Category will be 100% because it is the only Category in the Gradebook for this Course.

TIP: You can create other Categories, such as Quizzes, Assignments, Participation, etc. to balance out the weight of the Course.

Add/Edit Category

 To add a new Category, click the New Category link.

  • Name: Fill out the required fields (*)
  • Description: Optional but useful
  • Save Record to save the Category.
  • Deleted: An existing Category can be deleted by clicking the Category link and setting the Deleted field to Yes.
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