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Assessment Types

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The screen allows you to edit, add new or bulk upload Assessment Types into your system. The default Assessment Type is Exam.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Exams > Assessment Types

  1. To edit an Assessment Type, click the Name link.
  2. To create a new Assessment Type, click the Add New Type link.

Edit/Add New Type

Each Assessment Type is required to have a Name. (*)

Save Record


TIP: To Import a CSV File of Assessment Types, click the Question Mark (?) to access the Import Screen.

Import CSV

This option allows you to upload Assessment Types into the system from a CSV file. The required format of the file is:

  1. Name: Required (*)
  2. Description:  (optional)
  3. NOTE: The first line of the file will be ignored. The first line is reserved for header information.
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