Leo User Guide

Import Session Objectives


Use this option to batch upload Session Objectives, next you will review the report and verify data and finally import the data into Leo

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Data Entry > Data Import > Session Objectives

Below is a sample template for Session Objectives CSV file for download.

TIP: When copying content into the .cvs template use Ctrl+Alt+V to remove any formatting from the source file.

Session Objectives Import Preview and Validate

1. The Session Objectives Import Preview report shows the data that you have uploaded to Leo.

NOTE: At this point, the data has not been added to Leo's database, it is in a preview report that allows you to verify the data prior to the actual upload of the data into Leo.

2. There will be an link at the top of this report, Click here to import the session objectives, this feature will take the data and import it into the Leo database.

3. Click Execute Import

4. Click OK

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