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Import Events


Use this option to batch upload Events, next you will review the report and verify data and finally import the data into Leo.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Data Entry > Data Import > Events

Note: In column D and E the time needs to be in military time (24 hour clock) in the following format: hh:mm:ss 

  • For example if you had an Event taking place from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM the respected format in these columns would be 11:00:00 and 14:00:00 
  • Once imported Leo will convert the military hours into the standard 12 hour format. 

Below is a sample template for Events CSV file for download.

Below is a sample template for Events with Linked Objectives CSV file for download.

TIP: When copying content into the .cvs template remember to use Ctrl+Alt+V to remove any formatting from the source file.

Upload CSV

  • Select a File: Browse for the CSV file.
  • Save File

Preview, Validate and Import

This report shows the data that you uploaded to Leo, but it has not yet been imported into Leo.

This report allows you to preview and verify the data prior to the actual import of the data into Leo.

  1. Click here to validate and import the Events into the system: This option will take the data and import it into the Leo database. It may also require more input from you, such as selecting a specific link or type of data.
  2. If you are importing Events, you will need to select Course
  3. Select the Course Template (*) required
  4. Select the Section (*) required
  5. Assign Locations to Campus (*) required
  6. Import Events

All Events have now been imported into Leo

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