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Student Long Event Assignments: Upload Files

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Assignments in the System are essentially Folders or Placeholders for Students to upload their documents/files/assignments. Assignments are linked to Courses, Events or Long Events.

Course Assignments
  1. Student will be notified of new assignments in the Activity icon.
  2. Click the link in the Description to view the Assignment.
  1. Event (Click to View)This will take you to the Event Screen
  2. Assignment: This is a list of your assignments
  3. Click on the assignment to begin the upload process

Upload Assignment

When naming the Assignment upload, there is a 200 character limit.

The file will be scanned for viruses, this might take 10-15 seconds. Click Continue to confirm the upload. 

If you exit out of the Assignment upload prior to clicking Continue to confirm the upload, the document may not have been successfully uploaded.

Long Event Assignments

After the February/March 2024 update to Events in Leo, we would discourage you from adding new Long Events and Assignments to Leo. This update will bring together the features of Long Events and Regular Events in Leo into a new, modern user interface. Users will be able to create events, all-day events (that span one or more days), or events that start on one day and end on the next.

If you have questions about the new Events user interface, please contact the Leo Administrator at your institution.

When an Assignment is due in a Long Event, a colored bar will appear on the Calendar and will be displayed over the specified days that the Long Event occurs.

  • Click the Long Event Bar to open the Long Event Assignment Screen.

From the Long Event Screen. click on the

  1. Assignments: The title of the Assignment will appear next to the Assignments Tab
  2. Click the Upload Document Icon to upload your document/file
  3. Select your document/file from your device
  4. Click Save File

Click Continue to confirm upload.

The Assignment was successfully uploaded. A blue checkmark will appear in front of the assignment name.

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