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Proficiency Level defines a level of Proficiency that can be applied to proficiencies and the elements associated with them.


Create New Proficiency Level

The Proficiency level describes the level of mastery that a Student should achieve. The level of Proficiency required of Students for a subject will change based on the Students academic level and the context in which the subject is being taught.

new record

Fill out the (*) required fields:

  • Name: Name of Proficiency
  • Description: (optional)
  • Value: The higher the number the greater the Proficiency
  • Save Record
By Program / G&O

The Proficiency option lets you describe the level of Proficiency expected of Students based on the specialty involved and the Student's year in the curriculum.


The screen lets you define a Proficiency that is associated with a given Program and G&O version.

To view/edit the Proficiency Types, click the number under the Types column.

new prof

If you want to map this Proficiency to learning objects you must set the OK to Map option to Yes

Proficiency Types

A Proficiency type is a set of Proficiency definitions that make up one level, or type, of a full Proficiency matrix.

A Proficiency matrix is made up of multiple Proficiency types that define differing levels of overall Proficiency.

The level defines the expected level of Proficiency across a range of Goals and Objectives for Students as they traverse the curriculum.

By Theme

Add Proficiency Type

Core Problems

This screen is used to link a Core Problems and Theme to a Proficiency matrix. The Proficiency matrix you assign in this screen defines how the Outcome Approach to the Problem will be measured. 

To edit a Core Problem click on its name or use the Add Problem + Proficiency link to add a new Core Problem.

Once you have selected your Core Problem + Proficiency to the matrix, the next step will be to assign one or more Diagnosis to this record. 

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