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CI Changes for the 2019-2020 Season

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Due to COVID, the 2020 CI season (which covers the 2019-2020 Academic Year) is a little different from past years. The information below highlights the changes due to the special circumstances schools were in.

Extended CI Season

All participating schools will get an automatic extension - with the date that the CI Portal closes for submissions moved from the end of September. The new deadline is:  October 23rd.

While the AAMC has indicated that there will be no additional extensions will be given after this time, if you need extra time please contact them directly to see what options might be available to you.


Additionally, the AAMC is asking for only accurate data that reflects how the curriculum was actually delivered this past year. This is especially important for the Spring 2020 semester that was impacted by COVID. To this end, they have rolled out Keywords early - with the intention to track curricular changes that resulted from COVID. 

Keywords are equivalent to Themes in Leo. You can opt Themes into your report for just the recommended Keywords from AAMC, as well as any additional Themes that you would like reflected in your CI report as Keywords. For more information on where to opt in Themes, please visit: CI Keywords.

Keywords for this year are: COVID-19 Remote and COVID-19 Altered. Use COVID-19 Remote to indicate events that had to move from an in-person to virtual format. COVID-19 Altered can be used to indicate other modifications to your curriculum due to COVID. For more information on creating new Themes, please visit: Themes.

Sequence Blocks

Since the AAMC has requested only data that accurately reflects the curriculum that was delivered, your institution has the option to not report Spring 2020 data. If you choose to exclude Spring 2020 data in your report, then you should not include Spring 2020 courses or events in your Sequence Blocks. Since this data would be excluded, you would not have to use the recommended Keywords to highlight curricular modifications.

Even if you do utilize the recommended Keywords, any Events or Courses that were not delivered as a result of COVID, should not be included in your CI report. If these items have not been deleted from the calendar, then this may also require some changes to your Sequence Blocks. For more information on managing your Sequence Blocks, please refer to: CI Sequence Blocks.

Our team is happy to walk you through these options and review your CI data. Please contact the Help Desk to set up a CI appointment.

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