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After the February/March 2024 update to Events in Leo, we would discourage you from adding new Long Events to Leo. This update will bring together the features of Long Events and Regular Events in Leo into a new, modern user interface. Users will be able to create events, all-day events (that span one or more days), or events that start on one day and end on the next.

If you have questions about the new Events user interface, please contact the Leo Administrator at your institution.

Path: Calendar > [Select Long Event] > Assessments > Evaluations


Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Events > Long Events > Management > [Select Long Event] > Assessments > Evaluations

Evaluations Available for Long Events

Evaluation Types

(1) Students Evaluating the Long Event

This screen lets you set up an Evaluation of a specific long Event. This is an Evaluation of the Event itself.

For more information on Adding an Evaluation to an Event, refer to Schedule an Evaluation

Assign Groups in a Long Event

  1. Select from the Available Groups column to move the Group to the Selected Groups Column
  2. Close and Save this screen (Upper right hand corner), once screen closes...
  3. Click the Save Link button

Set Email Schedule in Long Events

This list lets you specify a custom set of dates on which reminders for this Evaluation will be sent. The list of dates is based on the dates of availability for this Evaluation.

  1. Set Email Schedule:
  2. Selecting Available Dates: This will override the standard scheduled reminders.

NOTE:  As long as there are selected dates in this option the standard initial and reminder schedule is not in effect for the current Evaluation link.  

NOTE: If you remove all of the dates, the system will once again use the standard schedule to send out reminders.

(2) Students Evaluating Students

(3) Faculty Evaluating the Long Event

  1. Evaluation: Double click to Select or begin typing
  2. Date Range: Required (*) This set of dates and times define when Faculty will have access to this Evaluation of the Long Event.
  3. Assign Groups
  4. Save Link


After Selecting the Evaluation and date range, you must Assign Groups prior to Save link.

NOTE: This Evaluation will not be made available until after the date of the Long Event.  If you enter a begin date less than the last day of the Event, the Evaluation will still be unavailable until after the date of the Event

Assign Groups

This list is used to select the Faculty who will be the Evaluators for this Evaluation.


All Active Evaluations

This report shows all of the active Evaluations linked to the current Long Event that have Users assigned to the Evaluation.

  • You can click on any Evaluation in the list and the Evaluation Manager screen for that Evaluation Type and that report will be displayed.
  • See the Assigned report to see all Evaluations linked to this Course, including those Evaluations where Users have yet to be assigned.

Summary Reports

This report show a list of all the Evaluations created for this Course.  The report is sorted by Evaluation Type  (Student->Faculty, Faculty->Student, etc) and then by the Evaluation name with each type.

There are two sets of values presented for each Evaluation:

  1. Response Count: The total number of responses for the Evaluation. Click on this number for a summary of all results for the Evaluation.
  2. Evaluatee Count: The number individuals evaluated. Click on this number to get results for the individuals evaluated.
  3. Eval Link Count: Click for a list of individual usage of the Evaluation Form.
  4. Comp Rpt: Click the link for each Evaluation to do a Comparison Report with other campuses.

Eval Reminder Report

This screen lets you enter the parameters for the Evaluation Email Log, which will show a detailed history of emails sent  by the Evaluation system.

Options are:

  • Program: required (*)
  • Begin date: required (*)
  • End date: required (*)
  • Specific User: (optional)

Note that when you search for a Course, the system will actually search  Course masters, and then provide a list of sections for that Course.

Manage Users and Messages

Manage Students

This report show a list of all the active  valuations of or for the current users in the Course. This report can show information for student or Instructors. The title of the report will specify which group is being reviewed.

The following are required for an Evaluation to be considered active:

  •  The Evaluation cannot be deleted
  •  The current date must be within the active date range for the Evaluation
  •  The Evaluation cannot have been submitted. However, it is still active if it is currently being filled in
  •  The Evaluation cannot have been used in a summary Evaluation

Manage Instructors

This report show a list of all active Faculty, both clinical and non-clinical, for the current Course and displays the following information for each Instructor:

  •  Their name, which is also a link to the Individual Evaluation and Assignment Manager.
  •  Open Evaluations assigned to the Instructor. Click on the count to get a detail listing.
  •  Closed Evaluations assigned to the Instructor. Click on the count to get a detail listing.
  •  Open Evaluations of the Instructor. Click to get a detail listing.
  •  Closed Evaluations of the Instructor. Click to get a detail listing.

This Summary Report, and the associated detail reports, will only show the active open Evaluations, as determined by the availability dates  associated with the Evaluations.

  • You can look at the expired and upcoming reports to review non-active Evaluations.
  • The reports of completed Evaluations are not filtered by availability dates.
  • This report shows Open Evaluations for the current Course.

The open status is determined by the following factors:

  •  The Evaluation has not been submitted
  •  The Evaluation has not been included as part of a summary Evaluation
  •  The date range for availability is still active

Course Message

This message, if created, will replace the default message that accompanies an email notification of for an Evaluation.  

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