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After the February/March 2024 update to Events in Leo, we would discourage you from adding new Long Events to Leo. This update will bring together the features of Long Events and Regular Events in Leo into a new, modern user interface. Users will be able to create events, all-day events (that span one or more days), or events that start on one day and end on the next.

If you have questions about the new Events user interface, please contact the Leo Administrator at your institution.

The purpose of the Long Event is represent Assignments that span more than one Event, and to show the progress of each User within the Long Event

Path: Home > Courses > [Select Course] > Events > Long Events > Faculty Event Listing

Faculty Long Event Listing: This will display the Faculty members that have Long Events. You can also view All Long Events by clicking on the link at the top on the page.

Click the Event to go to the Long Event Screen

Alternative Path: Home > Calendar > Long Event

From the Calendar, Students and Faculty will see their Long Events if the Display on Calendar have been selected.

Long Event Screen

  1. Long Event Menu: Materials, Announcements, Assignments, Messages, Mapping, Assessment, People and Settings. Long Event menu can be toggled on or off the screen.
  2. Long Event Details:  Displays Event details such as Begin and End Date, Instructor and Description information
  3. Related Materials: Materials associated to the Course Template, Campus or Course Section are a displayed here, organized by categories. Materials can be toggled on or off the screen.

TIP: To create a New Long Event, refer to the Long Events management article.

Long Event Menu (1)


This includes the dress code, attendance, location, date range, time, event type, instructors, and a short description of the Long Event.

Manage Materials

Click Manage Uploads to add or modify Materials added for the Long Event.

For more information on Managing Section Level materials, please refer to Materials Overview Section Level.

Assignments Menu

Displayed in this screen are the Assignments for the Students

Click on the down facing arrow to view the submenu:

  • Manage Assignments: Currently available to administrators only
  • User Status
  • Active Exams

Manage Assignments

The Long Event Assignment screen displays all of the Assignments (Documents and Exams) that have been created for this activity.

From this report administrators can review Student activity within each Assignment and can edit the Assignment Settings.

Create New Assignment

A Long Event assignment allows you to specify a beginning and ending date/time for a Student to upload a document that will satisfy a given requirement. Normally, this is an essay or document, but it can consist of any electronic document, such as a video, image, etc.

  • Name: Required (*)
  • Description: A description is optional but useful for Students
  • Email: Optional
  • Begin Date: Required (*)
  • End Date: Required (*)
  • Themes: Link Theme's mapped in the Event to the Assignment
  • Max Score: Optional
  • Save Record

NOTE: A Long Event must have an assignment before it will appear on the calendar. Each assignment must have a beginning and ending date/time.

User Status

This report is a summary of all Student activity in the Long Event. You can quickly see:

  • Which Students have not yet completed assignments
  • Which Students have not yet had their assignments reviewed

You click on a User's name to link to a detailed view of their assignments, where you can assign scores to their assignments and review their work.

Active Exams

This report will show you all of the active Exams for the next 10 days within the current Program.

Messages Menu
Mapping Menu

For more information on Managing Section Level Mapping, please refer to Event: Mapping Menu.

Assessment Menu

In a Long Event  under the Assessment Menu will be Evaluations, Manual Grading and View Gradebook options.


For more information on Evaluation Types, Reports and Manage Users and Messages, please refer to Long Events: Assessment: Evaluation

Manual Grading

This report will show you all of the Exams linked to the current info screen of this Long Event) that require grading. The report will show a count of the unstructured questions in each Exam that require grading, and a count of the number of Students who still have at least one un-graded response.

  • If this report is empty, there there is no manual grading required. This may change as new Exams are added or Students answer questions in existing Exams.
  • If you are looking at this report at the Course level then all Event Level Exams will also be included.
  • This example is from the Long Event itself.
View Gradebook

For more information on the using Gradebook in Events, please refer to Assessment: View Gradebook Chapter of articles

People Menu

Student Listing

This report shows a list of the Students who are assigned to the current Long Event.

NOTE: This is not a management report.

Add Student By Group

This option is used to assign Student Groups to the Long Event.

After the Groups are assigned the Students in the Group(s) will be added to the list of Long Event Students.


The rest of the Add/Remove features work the same way. You select from the Available (right side) and transfer to the Selected (left side) and visa versa.

  • Add/Remove Audit
  • Add/Remove Students
  • Add/Remove Audit
  • Add/Remove Students (individual)
  • Add/Remove Faculty
  • Add/Remove Staff
  • Add/Remove Graders
  • Add/Remove Student-Faculty
Settings Menu
  • Long Event Options: Edit the basic settings for this Long Event
  • Display Options: Use this option to display Long Events on the Calendar in addition to the Assignments within the Long Event.
  • Edit Descriptions: Edit or add a Description to display on the Event Details page
  • Hide/Show: This option will allow you to set the display for the Long Event, and/or the Assignments and Exams, in the ribbon.

Edit Long Event

The Edit Long Event screen is used to create and maintain the basic settings for a Long Event, including:

  • Name / Title
  • Description
  • Reminder Message
  • Event Type
  • Hours per Instructor (for FCT Reporting)
  • Hours per Student (for Curricular Reporting)

The date range defines the active period for the Long Event. However, actual access to Assignments and Exams will be based on the date ranges assigned to those particular elements.


This option will cause the Long Event itself to be  displayed in the calendar screen, even if no Exam or assignment has been  associated with the Long Event.

When you associate an Exam or assignment with a Long Event, that is what  triggers the display of the Long Event on users' calendars. If this Display option is also set to Yes, those items will still be displayed along with the actual Long Event itself. This means that users would see duplicate bars on their calendars: one for the assignment, and one for the Long Event itself.

If you have an Exam or assignment associated with this Long Event, then you should set this Display option to NO so that the duplicate bar does not appear.

If there is no Exam or assignment currently associated with this Long Event, set the Display option to YES if you want the Long Event to appear on the calendar for any users associated with it.


Event Details (2)

Long Event: Info

The event Info screen is where instructor's might decide to add additional rich content related to a specific learning event or course.

Documents in bold have not been downloaded

You can click on each item to download the document (or open a new window for web links).

Select the Materials icon to toggle Related Materials on or off the screen.

TIP: For more detailed information refer to the article Downloading Materials or refer to the article Uploading Event Materials.

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